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All of our club pro's, be it instructor or DM, have CRB checks before they can participate in any form of training on our pool nights. It makes good sense and is accepted by everyone concerned.
We have an age limit of 12 - 14 for juniors and 15 - 18 for intermediates.
I'm sure that there are lots of youngsters out there who would love the opportunity to do try dives and snorkel but the potential problems regarding minors in what is an adult diving environment make the situation far too complexed.
I take my 11 year old nephew for snorkling and swimming to one of our two club pool sessions but I only do it as his guardian (with full consent from his parents and not for profit) until he is 12 at which point he wants to do a bubblemaker and then eventually his junior open water. His parents have agreed to his doing this and will sign the consent forms etc letting him continue to do a formal course after his 12th birthday. We have several other youngsters doing the same but only because their diving parents are members of the club.
It seems like a missed opportunity for the under 15's but I think the over-riding concern is safety at all times.
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