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Children and Club Diving

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Until now, we have never really had a policy on minors diving with our club. Recently, we have had enquiries about what we can do to get children & young people (i.e. under 18's) diving in the UK.

We are a non-training club, with mostly PADI qualified divers, but several members hold qualifications from other agencies.

We wondered what policies were around in other clubs, or how other clubs deal with the issue, particularly if the minor has non-diving parents.

We know the rules in terms of Junior OW, depth limits and so-on, but it is more about protection of the child, how are other members encouraged to assist, should there be any CRB checks, what if we are considered to be almost creche facilities, should other club members be expected to restrain themselves in typical diver conversation etc.

What do other clubs do?
Have any of you got a policy that i could have a look at?

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Having been CRBd now I feel able to help young people now in whatever sphere - beit on DofE hikes or helping young people in the pool on club nights or in any other domain.

Its better to be careful either as a club organiser or as a parent.

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