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Chinese GP, Best race for ages

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Not wishing to spoil the result for anyone planning to watch the highlights but what a great race, best I have seen for a long time. And I'm seriously pleased with the result.
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I only saw from when the 2nd safety car came out although i thought Lewis was going to get a drive through for the move on Vettle in the pit lane
Well worth getting up early Hamilton was on form, non stop overtaking. Good racing from many drivers although I thought Vettel was a bit naughty on the pit lane squeezing out Hamilton, then again Hamilton should have given up his a place further back.
They should call them off unless it's guaranteed to rain :D
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They should equip all racetracks with sprinklers, if the race turns into a procession, turn on the waterworks. Put it on the red button;) I enjoyed the race too.
yes, i enjoyed it today as well. Put a few quid on who would finish in first and second place and amazingly won a few quid in the process. Cheers Ladbrokes. It's like stealing sweets off a child :D
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