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I got home from work last night to find a Chrismass card from my local dive shop.  None of the usual pre printed crap, but a hand written note thanking me for my support throughout the year.

My initial reaction was that it was an extremely considerate gesture, yet one that epitomised the freindly nature I have observed from the diving community.   It was only later that I began to consider the implication of what I have actually spent over the last 12 months to earn a christmass card from a shop.

Having worked bach through my purchases over the year, including training courses, I reckon to have spent over £3700.  That equates to one hell of an expensive Christmass Card.  I'm going to give them a call later to find out where my Fortnum & Mason hamper is

So, purely to relieve the boredom of an afternoon in the office with bugger all elso to do, how much has everyone elso managed to spend in the last 12 months ? And did anyone else get a Card from their dive shop ?

A very merry Chrismass to all of you.
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