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Hi, everyone a fair amount of old club kit for sale.

Pink neoprene unbranded drysuit – cuff dump – working zip- apex inflator £50 +PP Sold
Waist 32”
Heel to shoulder 53”
Shoulder to shoulder 21”
Boots heel to toe 9.7”

Red old Northern Diver Neoprene faded colours £50 +PP Sold
Cuff dump
Boot 11.5”
Heel to shoulder 62”
Shoulder 25”
Waist 37”

Northern Diver Euro Suit – red shoulders - pocket £40 +PP Sold
Broken latex neck
Cuff dump
Northern Diver inflate
Boot 11”
Height 57”
Shoulder 19”
Waist 32”

Northern Diver _Keith £45 +PP Sold
With inflate hose & pee zip
Boot 11.5”
Height 56.5”
Shoulder 22” fray under arm, pocket coming off
Waist 35”

All dry suits are well loved and used.

Beaver MTM Black pink green back zip 3mm £30 +PP

TWF size 8 shortie black-blue-navy 3mm £30 +PP

Bodyglove full length size small 3-2mm with titanium (double layer) seals on arms and legs. Black-blue and yellow £30+PP

Also is three old SMB's and four tank wraps
Smb £5 each
Tank warps £5 each

Also a Custom Divers Backplace and sports harness (all sensible offers)

will email photos on request
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