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Ok, I don't really want to get into the exact reasons, but following some further developments this week, I am now in a position where i can now no longer dive. Its a real kick in the 'nads, but hey, I have had to give up other stuff, so i will have to get on with things.

Please don't have a good at me for quitting qwithout a reason - as there is, so no choice. Looking to fund a new hobby before i hit the bottle and crack cocaine.

Please PM me if interested.

As a result, the following kit must go. I don't want to have to use Ebay, and am hoping that the nature of the kit will push it along to another Yd'er fairly quickly. I know the market value of this lot, so sensible offers only please!

I am based near Staines, so you are welcome to have a look/pick up if you want - and I would prefer that so delivery is not expensive/or kit doesn;t get damaged. Although it is all well cared for, You would be advised to service some of the obvious items:

* Faber manifolded twin 232 12's o2 cleaned with SS bands, bots, mushroom nuts, boots and brand new custom divers Slob knob already attached. Have the original knob if you want to take the slob knob off.Standard Yellow. Practically mint. Done about 20 dives original Date July 2006.

* Custom divers TDB single wing with SS backplate, and new harness with shoulder releases. Has bent D rings on Shoulder, 2 D rings on wiast and crutch strap. Also has Aqua snips attached to the right shoulder strap and new hogartian knife on waist belt. Very good condition - new harness and metalwork. Inflator recently serviced. done about 20 dives. Has clip attached ready for Slob knob.

* Twinset set of Scubapro regs: ** SOLD**
2 x MK25 DIN 1st stage, ** SOLD**
1 x S600 reg + 7 foot long hose ** SOLD**
1 x 390 reg + short hose - read with necklace ** SOLD**
2 x inflator hoses (1 on each 1st stage) ** SOLD**
1 x single gauge (bare metal) ** SOLD**

Well looked after, but with usual abrasions on the reg cases as you would expect from UK diving. done about 20-40 dives. Already set up for a twinset. one of the 1st stages is only 4 months old.

1 x Scubapro Spitzbergen 5mm crushed neoprene drysuit. (techy black!)Brand new Neoprene neck seal (4 dives) and new shoulder dump (4 dives) very good condition. I am 6 foot 1, 14.5 stone with size 11 feet and fits me perfect with fourth element Xerotherms. plus hood and 5mm Scubapro gloves. With bag.

1 x set of Fourth element Xerotherms (black) top, legs and feet - Xlarge I believe. **SOLD**

1 x UK D4R dive light (yellow) with charger. Both bulbs OK. Done about 10 hours. Rubber lens screw in bit has the usual light abrasions, and lens has a couple of light scratches. Other than that, nice condition. very good burn time - pistol grip style.

1 x set of Pony/stage regs - MK2 (i think) DIN with R290 reg and dual gauge - still with plastic housing.

1 x MDE large reel and Beaver DSMB Perfect for anyone named steve!

1 x Mares M1 Dive Computer. Done abouit 60 dives - Very good condition. Takes 2 AAA batteries. Have the case - but no manual, but do you need it?!!

1 x Pair of Yellow Mares Plana Avantix fins. Bit scuffed of course!

1 x oceanic Yellow shot weight pouch with 6 pockets. Comes with: 2 x 3KG, 4 x 2KG, 4 x 1KG

1 x Black Halycon single lens mask - only used 4 times **SOLD**

1 x Mares Wetsuit 5mm - yellow and black - only used 4 times with 5mm shorty. Size 5

1 x Seeman Dive Bag in Black with fin pockets and two front zip up puches. Takes all of the above (except twinset and drysuit of course) nicely.

I am not desperate to sell, so only sensible market going offers. I'd just rather it went to a YD'er than to annon Ebayer.

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