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Having saved the Frosty mobile from extermination, I decided to shop around for cheaper insurance. Within 2 minutes online I had found insurance for half the price I had been paying. I filled out the online application form but when I entered my postcode it gave me the option of three addresses that were not mine. What's more it wouldn't accept my ammendment. I picked up the phone and was soon connected to a very nice operator to whom I explained the problem.

Operator: "I've entered your postcode and it's come up with three possible addresses."

Me: "Yes I know. I don't live at any of them."

Operator: " So you don't live at the ******* restaurant?"

Me: "No, like I said none of your options are my address. Can I just tell you my address?"

Operator: "And you don't live in Threshers wine shop?"

Me: " I wish I did but it's not actually a residential address. It's a wine shop. Can I just..."

Operator (sounding perplexed): " So you don't live at the tourist information office and public conveniences then?"

Me: " Well it's an address I aspire to but at the moment, no, I don't live in a cafe, an off licence or a public toilet."

Operator (following a pause): "Are you sure you've used the correct post code?"

Me: "Yes and I'm going to keep telling you my address over and over again until you admit that I live where I say I do."

Operator: " Oh that's ok, I'll just enter it for you."

Me (voice strained but still polite): "Thankyou, so could you just confirm the quote for me please?"

Operator: " £183."

Me: " That's more than I was quoted just now on the website."

Operator: "The quote on the website includes 15% discount for buying online. This is a telephone sale price."

Me (losing the will to live but determined to insure my car cheaply): "I WAS buying online. The only reason I'm not online is because the computer I'm trying to buy online from thinks I live in either a bistro, a wine shop or a public bog."

Operator: "Could you hold the line please?" (Theme from the deerhunter as I wait on hold). "Yes we can still offer you the online price. Would you like details of our household insurance?"

Me (wrongly believing what was required was a bit of joviality): "I doubt if I could afford to ensure a public bog against flooding."

Operator (through obviously gritted teeth): "Thankyou for calling, your insurance certificate will be posted today."

I'll check in Threshers tomorrow to see if it arrived.:)

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sounds like you deserve a medal for not losing it.

we had a postcode renumbering a few years ago, which had a 12 month dual-running period.

motor renewal came through with old postcode on it, which would've become redundant during the cover period, so we rang up and advised of the new code (NB: still the same house....)

premium went up £50....

I know it's because of their risk algorithms etc, but it didn't make any damn sense since the house didn't go anywhere!

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i think my tolerence threshhold would have been quickly passed!

but well done for getting what ya want and yes a medal is deserved !


best wishes leigh

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LOL, at least you've kept your sense of humour regarding flooding of the public bogs - should have said that your name was George Michael..... see where that get's ya! :teeth:

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The local electricity board recently changed their computer, my new address according to them is


I actually live 10 minutes away from Newquay, when I told them, they asked if it was a new development, I said fairly new, finished about 170 years ago. It took a while for me to ring them to ask where my bill was though. I've just realised I haven't had a bill from them, nor a visit for over 6 months, good job I set up a Direct Debit.

I also don't have a postcode at work, the terrace next door is named after my works building, they have a postcode, we don't.
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