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CPU Overheating?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Intel Pentium Dual CPU 1.73 GHz processor (T2370). Right now the temperature at my place is 23C yet the CPU is overheating to the extent that the laptop shuts off! I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium crap (was pre-installed when I bought it a couple of years ago).

No processes are consuming resources; just the normal ones. May be it needs a better fan/cooler?

Thanks in advance.
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How old is it? Could be the heatsinks or fan is blocked up by dust. Pretty common problem. It wont need a better cooler, its unlikely you would be able to find one that would fit anyway. Give it a clean, can of compressed air works well
Thanks Repta. It's almost 2 years old.

Does the cleaning take place by blower/compressed air just from outside? Or I need to unscrew/disassemble anything?
Thanks Repta. It's almost 2 years old.

Does the cleaning take place by blower/compressed air just from outside? Or I need to unscrew/disassemble anything?
Taking it to bits is the way forwards as you can get your fingers in and give it a proper clean. Compressed air has a chance of blowing the crap onto your motherboard or other components (depends on the design) and if the dust has completely blocked your fan/heatsink good chance that could happen.

I did this on my laptop last week, CPU temp went from 80 at idle to 50 at idle, I'm just a lazy bastard when it comes to these things :p
I blew air into the fan gently from my mouth in order not to transport dust to the mother board. In addition, I placed the laptop's rear base "legs" on two small elevations so now the key board is not horizontal. This gives better ventilation to the fan.

The result is good :D
Never a good idea to use a can of compressed air to clean a fan anyway. These little fan bearings can be damaged by being spun too quickly by the compressed air and will fail later on.
It's much better to take them out and give them a gentle blow or wipe the dust off them.

Also, most of these fans are designed to blow rather than suck ie. They suck air in from the opposite side to where they are and blow it out a vent next to them. So if you blow in by the fan you are just blowing the dust back onto the mother board to be sucked back into the fan later.
some motherboards +especially laptops have a bios setting/programme that keeps the fans quiet +slow.
maybe the fans bust?

this stuff is the best paste to put back on the heatsink.
look up "heatsink lapping" if you want to see a real improvement :)
Compressed air can farily frequently, but don't hold it too close.

Also, check where the heat is coming from; it may not be the processor. eg. if the hard drive is not spinning down, they overheat quickly. Its an easy fix to replace a hard drive. If that dosen't work get a usb driven fan tray. They work wonders in keeping the machine cool under high load. (just make sure you get a tray that sucks /blows to match your machine).

Link to monitoring software

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Thanks all.

I have a tiny freeware tool for monitoring the CPU temperature. It's call CPU Thermometer CPU Temperature Monitor
Bin it and buy a mac.
Because dust does not exist in the house of a Mac owner?

Nothing wrong with Intel machines until you put Windoze on it.
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