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Believe it or not but I have actually done some non pool based diving! Yes Dosthill saw my return the water last night but that's not what I want to tell you. No, I'm here to tell tales :)

When we arrived there were only two divers in the water and two kitting up. After a chat and a kit faff we went to sign it.

During signing in one of the staff said "What is he doing out of the water when his buddy is on other side of the quarry?" I turned to see a diver standing knee deep on a slope chatting to another diver and bubbles on the surface at the other side of the quarry.

I tutted and thinking he'll surface in a minute so carried on signing in. However the diver didn't surface but his bubbles moved around the edge of the quarry. Another staff member got into the boat and after arriving close to the bubbles started to band his oar on the bottom of the boat.

The separated diver did not surface despite the staff continuing this for several minutes, eventually the boat returned to shore for a thunder flash. Amazingly this still did not prompt a reaction from the separated diver who still refused to surface.

Whilst all this was going on I was ear wigging his 'buddy', he said that his buddy had only qualified last December and was trying out his new twinset.

As the boat continued to bang his oar the buddy on the surface decided to go for another dive with another diver who had now kitted up, I first thought that they were launching a rescue mission but no they went for a gentle pottle around the edge of the quarry!

The boat finally gave up and after many more minutes the separated diver returned to base and was met with the boat driver who insisted on a chat after he was de-kitted up. The diver said something about there being an agreement to separate and meet up again at the car (I don't know if he was referring to the car park or a sunken car) but there was no mention of this from his buddy. Unfortunately I was not privy to the 'chat' that followed so can't spread any further gossip.

Whilst I can understand that a few may want to go solo diving, surely that can't be a decision made after entering the water with a buddy! Plus he must have known that you can't solo dive in a managed in-land site. And what if the thunder flash meant another diver was in trouble and he should leave the water ...

Curious, very curious.
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