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Cylinder for sale 40 cu ft

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Aluminium 40 cu ft Luxfer
O² clean 230 bar DIN valve with rubber knob
207 bar working pressure
Stamped 2005/04
6.9 Kg
IDEST Hydro tested 03/2010, next due 09/2012
IDEST O² cleaned 03/2010, next due 06/2011
no rigging

130.00 GBP
I can deliver to
Weymouth, Portland, Lyme regis etc.
Plymouth or Vobster
Liquid White Water Fluid Drinkware
Dog Bottle Plastic bottle Carnivore Soy milk
Water Drinkware Fluid Gas Cylinder
Drinkware Liquid Fluid Cylinder Gas
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130.00 GBP
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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