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I would have thought that the vizual test was an internal inspection, as internal corrosion is going to be far worse and surface corrosion is far more likely to be superficial, ..... but I see your train of thought Adrian.(sticker removal every 5 years).

The hydraulic test is surely just that... pump it up and it passes or fails. Surely they can't be worried that a sticker is going to stop a cylinder stretching???

As for O2 cleaning, IMHO sticker removal is tantamount to vandalism.

BUT these are only my opinions, please correct me if you know differently.

Cheers, Paul
Paul, I think a visual check is done with the hydro. As Dan mentions, deep scratches or dinks can fail the cylilnder too.

Do the O2 stickers have date stamps?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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