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Diving in the sand
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Just back from a few days holiday in Pafos, Cyprus. Although this was not a diving trip as such I did manage to get in a few dives with "Dive Point".
The week before I got there the weather had been poor with the last of the Koptic Storms blowing . However the weather changed dramatically with gentle breezes, clear skys and air temperatures into the upper 20s. Bottom temps were 18 C and vis was in the 15 - 20 m range.
I did 5 shore dives north of Pafos on sites which are relatively new to the industry. All of these are holiday bimbles , the deepest is 22m ("the Slipway") and all have a variety of caves, and swimthroughs to explore. Vis is good and I had the general impression of more fish than I have seen over the last few years near Pafos.
I made a trip to Larnaca to dive the Zenobia. From Pafos this is an hour and a half drive on the "New Motorway" which required a 0700 departure. The drive was nicely broken by a traditional divers breakfast at the "Panorama Restaurant".
I dived with Jim from Dive Point. We did two dives from the Queen of the Zenobia (a converted firefighting catamaran) This was a very comfortable platform with air and nitrox on board. Entry is by giant stride and exit via two vertical ladders amidships. Not an easy exit with two tanks on your back
. They say that new dive ladders and a sea level platform are to be installed before the summer season!
The first dive was penetration to the engine room (40m). A large pannel has been removed to allow entry into the wreck. Permanent lines have been laid most of the way (We did deploy a short jump line ).
The second dive was onto the middle lorry deck. The entrance to the wreck this time was via an access/ exit hatch. Again there are permanent lines laid virtually to the bow. Near the bow a Lada car marks the entrance to the lower cardeck. This was an awesome dive.  
The lorries are still virtually intact despite more than 20 years underwater (I am told those on the lower deck are even better ) No light penetrates this far and after briefly covering our torches I must confess I rechecked both my backups.
Lunch is provided on the boat as it returns to harbour.
The Zenobia is always a good dive but this was my first time properly inside her I'll be back  
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