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Hi Gang,

Dave J just emailed me off-line with this intro and asked me to put it on here for him. I'm pretty sure this is the Dave we met at the Cape on Saturday, along with Kirky and John Holmes?! Here goes and a very warm welcome Dave!! Look forward to you joining us again for dive soonest.

[Dave wrote]:

" Hi Bren,

I have been diving for just over two years now. I am a PADI Advanced Open Water diver.

My usual diving haunt is Capernwary in Lancaster.  This is the nearest site to my home, St. Helens. I usually diving with my girlfriend, Karen or John Kirk, another Yorkshire diver !

I'm interested in all types of diving.  I plan on doing my rescue diver in the next few months before moving on to my Divemaster hopefully later on this year.

Went to the Lizard last year and loved it.  Going again later this year for two weeks in the water !


Good luck Dave in all you training and diving experiences and hope the courses and trips go well.

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