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Gone...and probably best forgotten
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Ok, nowt as spectacular as dolphins giving rides and no great wrecks, but here goes...

We arranged to meet up at Abbs on the Saturday morning so I got into the B&B on Friday with the family, thinking that we could have a nice day and then dive and neglect her the following day.  That evening Dave rang saying that due to the weather and the probability that we would be shore diving he wouldnt be coming up, still at least Geoff would be there bright and early, eh Geoff?

The following day came all sun and sea, what a day!  No Geoff at the expected time.  Hmmm, thinks Andy, getting glummer by the minute, what the heck am I gonna do all day?  Gotta spend some time with the family now, no excuse if I'm not gonna dive.

SALVATION!!!  Room on Billy's boat with some BSAC lads from Bradford, including the inventor of the delayed aid gizmo.  (More about that on the Kit section)!

Went off and had a good relaxing bimble with them just pootling round looking at lobbies, crabs, dead mens fingers, you've all done it right?

Back at port Geoff has got here so I wangled him room on the boat and off we went again at oneish.  In we go and down to 25m into the fastest drift I have ever known.  Wow!
Great fun.  At least Geoff and I thought so.  The lads on the boat all seemed to think it was all a bit of hard work.  One of the divers got sepereated and we ended up getting to him a bit nearer to the rocks than I liked, but we chucked him a line and we were all happy bunnies again.

Back in and I called it a day, went and got some chips, had a pint and a tired drive home.  Good coupla days and looking forward to the 31st May now.

Anyone fancy a dip before then?
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