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I wonder if anyone on here can provide any useful suggestions.

Our current solicitor has resigned from the practise and is not to be replaced, so I need a new debt collection agency. (She is off to do employment work elsewhere)We issue about ten 7 days letters each month, and half of these become legal claims eventually going to court each month. Value ranges from £1,200-£75,000. Claims are with Ltd companies and sole traders, so not consumer work.

Ideally I am looking for a highly efficient debt collection agency. Don't mind if the service is partially online. But if you use one of these services on a regular basis then please let me know. Ideally based in Beds, Cambs, Huntingdon area.

I don't need credit reference agencies like Experian. This is preparing claims, witness statements, allocation questionnaires, statutory demands and arranging warrants of execution! (bailiffs BTW)
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