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Hello all!

Just thinking out loud and would like to know what deco software you are using and why?
{I know the'' because it works for me'' one!}
But is it because it was free? You have never tried any others?
You only use a dive computer and if so do you carry a slate made from software?
Do you carry more than 1 dive computer if so why ?

BSAC 88's?
z-planner ?
Deco chek?
v-planner vpm vpmb?
Gap ?
and many others!

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Pro planner
I first used pro planner . Cos it was the only one around at the time , paid for that one

Got it free, good deco table sets for printing, and I like the Gf s

z-planner ?
Use it to plan divers,/ bail outs , good for sorting gas volumes out its simple / fast to use and free

use it some times just to plan dives, good print out for tables, nice brake down of Cns values again got it free,

Abyss? Never liked it, to much setting up and slow to use and you get bent at the end

I have always used pro planner as a bench mark for all the other programs I have ,
Only reason I can give is, i have done a lot of dives with it. be4 mix gas computers were out
And I was fine on 0% safety

I fudge all the other programs to get a run time thats in the ball park with pro planner
when i first got proplanner a bench marked it against all the book tables i have , and proplaner always gave me longer deco prfile ,

Dive with Vr3 and back up computer tables in pocket done with DD-planner

Other tables that I have
Mix plan
HL planner

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Never really used software to plan dive yet altho in the next few days/weeks I will but have been playing with Deco Planner & V-Planner and like deco planner better so far.

Have used BSAC 88's for ages,fine no bother.

Also have Abyss, find it difficult to use and understand so only use it to mess with, and as has been pointed out it gets you bent!!


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Deco planner for OC and OC bailout because its the easiest to understand and provides clear and simple to manipulate information.


What happens if I spend an extra 5mins? click click Ahhhhh

What happens if i up the PP02 Click click Ahhhh

etc etc its very easy to see exactly where you are with your back gas and bailouts as well. It could be improved by allowing multiple ascent rates but its biggest failing is it cant do CCR.

For CCR i use VPMBE on V-planner as a planner. Its a lot better now with some really nice touches to the user interface but i still struggle to get my head around VPM so I don't feel as confident with it as i do with GF deco.

I should probably get GAP so i can do GF deco for the CCR but frankly i am going through a phase of "any old deco will do fine coz its all bollocks" at the moment so i haven't spent the money yet. I am using a Sherewater GF deco computer running 10/85 on the CCR.


Mark Chase

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I have used Deco Planner, V-Planner, Deco Check & HLPlanner.

I currently use HLplanner as my primary software with V-Planner on my PDA.

Why? I like the VPM-B algorithm and HLplanner works it's conservatism a bit differently than V-Planner and Deco planner, so it gives me a deco time I am happy with.

Level 2 is what I would use on V-Planner but I add a bit to it on the shallower stops, 10% on HLplanner gives me that bit more without me adding it. The 10% is not quite as long as +3 on V-planner or Deco planner. I am also happy with the interface on HLplanner.

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Dive timer and my head.

Have used in the past...

Suunto Stinger - wouldn't recommend it, everything done shallow.
VR3 - superb bit of kit, wouldn't hesitate to recommend it
vplanner - probably the best bit of kit out there for playing around with numbers and gases to see what happens to deco, and perfectly fine for cutting tables.
Decoplanner - as above, good for planinng if you are into GF deco.

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I use my own software, XS.


Why I use it... because I know how it works because I wrote it. I know the algorithm works because I've been using paper tables based on it for as long as I've been gas diving. Dr RW Hamilton (who worte the algorithm) is one of the best deco table designers ever and I trust his work.

Yes, I use it because it is free too.



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dive with 2 x VR3's one for backup one primary both latest software vpm

for planning etc i use V Planner as it will also allow air breaks

Deco check for deep planning

i have copy's of decoplanner, GAP and Decocheck but just play with them to see comparisons


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Dived BSAC 88's for years - Never a problem, still carry them as bailout now.

Plan on V-Planner now then stuff them in my pocket and Dive my SUUNTO, works fine for me.

Mark Milburn
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I used to use Deco Planner for OC, I looked at Pro-Planner for CCR, but what a PITA to use. I bought a copy of Mark Ellyatt's Deco Chek, easy to use for OC or CCR.
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