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Deep record

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<font color='#000080'>Have any of you seen the article about Mark Ellyatts new scuba depth record?

Scuba Depth record (From todays "Times")

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Have you read the posts on Divernet? There do seem to be some big question marks.
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<font color='#000080'>Ha, Ha.

Read the Divernet report and then the posts on Divernet forum. A case of (Andrews) 'I'm not sure if I'm quite ready... (Ellyatt), Oh!! Stuff this for a bag or peanuts....  ...SPLASH !!!! ... a while later (quile a while later infact!!)... ...Surface/Splish..  phwar.. Made it, 311m.. Beat that Mark Andrews!!!  
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<font color='#810541'>still, less than 7 hours deco seems light for a 311m dive though?

IIRC John Bennett took nearly 12 hours to surface from his dive ........ does the HBnet post suggest that he has since suffered as a result of that ascent?

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Oh dear, the complexities of  technical diving reduced to seeing who can p*** up the wall the furthest  

Wonder who's Dad is the biggest

PS loved the list of diving animals especially
Mallard, 8in    

However they missed out the common old Eider duck which can do 50m apparently
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<font color='#000F22'>Sounds like shite to me.

His decent rate was sooo freakin' fast it's unbelievable. Then he's halfed the deco of anybody else planning a dive to those depths. MMMMMMMnnn

I don't mind these guys doing this kind of dive having met both Leigh Cunningham and John Bennet I know both of them want to achieve something and also being number one means you get enough sponsorship to do more things that you want to do.

Also, if these guys volunteer to be human guinea-pigs then I value their courage if we learn a little more about deco and depth.
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