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You think that's bad?

Some twit :)embarassed:) managed to order a package for himself and gave the right address but the wrong postcode.

Because the two didn't tally, the delivery office simply sat on the parcel. When I finally chased them up, they wouldn't redeliver it to my address because it had been routed to the depot by postcode, and that depot didn't cover my actual address. Despite the fact that the two postcodes are less than 2 miles apart :angry:


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Particularly [email protected]

What do you expect of a company with a name that sounds like OOPS.
OOPS seem to be worst than most.....
my training equipment is delivered to our UK distributor office.......
the delivery address states ........ Europe Ltd ℅ etc etc etc
The 'international driver' didn't deliver it because it wasn't the 1st name on the door......
the local delivery driver came out the next day & found it! :angry:

BUT OOPS had 2 stories....... #1 was international guy can't find it
#2 was that only part of the shipment was recieved in the UK so they didn't want to 'part deliver' (despite tracking showing that all 15 boxes were on the van) :frown:
Don't start me about tracking! :angry:

DHS has 10 complete systems @ £25K each 'lost' for the past 10 years......

FedEx managed to deliver 13 systems back to a hospital & then the hospital lost them for 4 months, FedEx thought they were in Paris!

Courier companies don't care, it is not their stuff, they don't need it, their insurance will cover what they loose/destroy/misplace........

Boy I'm a cynic!

Although Parcelforce have suddenly redeemed themselves, they can find our house :D

Mal hope you get it soon!

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Was it in their van all the time?
Sent from Newbury on Thursday, delivered to home on Friday...... the next day :eek:mg:
The guy now knows me! So I guess I'm OK until holidays/sick days/duvet days/days off/grounghog day

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3 months to travel 20 miles! - UPS

Of all the companies UPS seem to be the worst as I think this example shows.

Afew years ago I ordered some Desert Star underwater navigation aids from California. I was given a tracking number and told they had been dispatched. Over the next week I tracked the package first to UK customs and then to Belfast (less than 20 miles from where I then lived).

As I did not receive the goods or a "sorry we missed you card" I then went back to the tracking website to find that delivery had been attempted but I had refused the goods.

Now at this time UPS did not have an office in N. Ireland and so had subcontracted some firm here. I telephoned UPS in England and explained that I had not refused the package. THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME THE NAME OR ANY CONTACT DETAILS OF THE FIRM THEY HAD SUBCONTRACTED in NI.

There were several more "refused delivery" tracking events and despite pointing out that I could collect the package from Belfast, if only they would give me a contact number or address, UPS would not tell me where it was.

As I had "refused" the package I then watched as it was sent all the way back to California!

Finally, I wrote directly to the CEO of UPS and any high level names I could find at UPS in the USA. I then rapidly received notice of an investigation into the events.

Eventually I got the package (after even more hassles e.g. when I redirected it to work, they could not find the District General Hospital in which I was workinag at the time!). The root problem? A driver who decided that the address on the package was wrong, including the postcode. he knew of a road with a similar name in another town and so had kept trying to deliver a package with customs duty to pay to some poor sod in another town who knew nothing about it.

I can accept the initial driver error (almost), but to repeat it and then refuse to give me any info so I could make contact was not.

rant over,

UPS triggers this Pavlovian response, sorry.

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