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The full story...
At home - knackered!
Pulse rate currently 54 ('cos I'm fit!)

It was when it was low 40's and less that I felt crap!

All started about 3 a.m. Got up for a pi*s and felt a bit of pain in the chest. Had been shore cover at Budleigh on the Sunday morning carrying kit up and down the steep pebble beach. Decided it was muscular so went back to bed.

Up at 6am for work, still got the chest pain...still put down to Muscular- Skeletal pain.

Set up for the big case, all the machines checked, calibrated, pumps, lines and drugs.. Pain getting worse and pins and needles in the arm.

List delayed so I said I'll nip down the "Walk In Centre" and get some analgesia.

Checked in at reception and then told to take a seat in the waiting area.
Called in - straight onto the trolley, 40% Oxygen (80% Deco gas please I requested) and a 12 lead ECG. Rhythm was OK.. but a Heart Rate of 42! Monitor attached and HR now 38 - 41..

Was seen by the SHO - very quickly followed by a Senior Registrar who spotted me on the trolley (He'd just finished an Anaesthetic rota).

I refused the Morphine as I didn't want to loose control and the pain was uncomfortable but bearable.
Asprin followed by GTN sub-lingual spray followed by the headache from hell and no change in syptoms.

Bloods, cannula, Paracetamol, and a telling off for teaching the Student Nurse about ECG rythms! I was there as a patient!

Chest X-ray - by the team who normally do our theatres. Good to see friendly faces.

Then admission onto the Emergency Medical Unit.
Strict bed rest and still on Oxygen and the monitor. HR now consistant Sinus Rhythm HR 55 - 60. No pain

Seen by the SHO, and then the Consultant.
More blood tests, and transfer to the Cardiac Ward.

Now I hate Hospitals! Dangerous places! Full of sick people - and thats only the Staff.

So, managed to persuade the Consultant that I was a sensible chap - He knows SWMBO, and her medical skills - that if my tests were normal I should be allowed home, which would free up a bed.

After much discussion he agreed, but only if my next ECG remained normal, and results were COMPLETELY clear, and no further episodes of pain.

Strict instructions on going back immediately if any further pain, bradycardia.

More blood tests... I'm sure I was getting empty by this time. An hour later a very sheepish SHO comes to the bed... "Er... they've spilt the sample and need another..."
It wasn't his fault so keeping calm... I let him take the last drops of Claret. I've now got the empty sign flashing!

The Gods were smiling on me. Both Negative.
Not a Heart attack, Not a Pulmonary Embolus!

So allowed home, with instructions not to stop off at the Globe.

Out patients appoint for more tests to try and find out what happened.
....and rest of Day off work to rest!

Some of you were kept informed of what was happening - and many thanks for the nice messages and even the nagging ones!

No diving this week....

So if you do have chest pain, do consider that it may not be muscle strain from carrying all the dive gear.

p.s. I was Sh*t scared at one point!

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P.S all that becuase somebody else has the dancing chicken avatar...

Now this is much more important! Egbert belongs to me (or is it the other way around?)

This has been ratified a few years ago on the forum!
Who is the chicken rustler? :angry:
:frown: I'm told not to get stressed and this happens!
Where are the Mods?

As to me what happens next?

Treadmill stress test - no worries I run on the one at the gym a couple of times per week (and I always wear a heart rate monitor).

Repeat ECG's

Repeat blood tests

+/- Angiogram

Then hopefully I may get a diagnosis!
Egbert is getting stressed!:frown:
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