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Ok here are details from one dive centre (Aquaventures).  It's long - take a look, any questions and we can go back to them.

If we do go then I suggest a poss date at end of May when the seafood season is on (follow one of the link below) it looks really good fun and is sponsered by Guinness.

Also awaiting feedback from another, well-known centre - I'll post when I have it.


Hello Tim,

Thanks for your call earlier today.  I give below details for a possible
group trip next year (12 divers, possibly a few extra non-divers - for them
deduct £146.50 of each package price).

You mentioned a preference for B&B option, with an inclusive package (ferry,
diving, accommodation) and are as yet undecided about the time of year.
Obviously rates for ferry tickets in particular cost more in the high season
so if you can avoid July/August then costs are less Cost for diving does not
change, and for B&B is a small increase for the high season weeks.   I give
rates which are approximate as final price will depend on exact numbers and
dates.  The price per person includes ferry on the Swansea Cork route (3
people per vehicle), cabin on overnight ferry crossing(s), 5 days hardboat
diving (no rental/fills which can be paid for at the end of the week) and 7
nights accommodation - in the case of B&B this is sharing).  See more
details below:

B&B Option Stg £385
Self-Catering Option Stg £290

B&B Option Stg £395
Self-Catering Option Stg £315

B&B Option Stg £415
Self-Catering Option Stg £335

Swansea-Cork outward on Friday night and return the following week Saturday
again nighttime (from 21 June to 3 September the return ferry is daytime).
Cost per car
is between £190 - £300 if
prebooked early to avail of special agent discount (brochure price about 20
to 25% higher).
This applies to vehicles up to 2 mtr high and 5.5 mtr long - otherwise
supplement is charged.

Cost for standard cabins:  4-berth £50 / 3-berth £45 and 2-berth
£32 per crossing (advisable for the outward - night crossing).

We are also agents for Stena Line on the Fishguard-Rosslare or Holyhead-Dun
Laoghaire routes and they have more ferries (either fast HSS/Lynx service of
99 minutes or conventional ferry of 3 hours 30 mins).  Let
me know if you're interested in these so that I can give you a quotation.
Guide price for May 2003 ferry £200 and HSS/Lynx £250 but no cabins needed.
This route does involve more drive time on the roads.  From Rosslare to
Baltimore will take approximately 4 hours, from Dublin/Dun Laoghaire 5
hours.  From Cork to Baltimore is only 1 hours 30 mins.
B&B accommodation: we have four rooms (room 1 double bed, room 2 double bed,
room 3 double and single bed, room 4 four single beds). All have private
bathroom or showerroom and we are known for the best breakfast in the
village with home produce (freshly baked bread every morning as
well as full fry and vegetarian options including fish). We can accommodate
say 10 people (2 couples and 6 singles or 3 couples and 4 singles) and
larger numbers can be booked into a local B&B walking distance from us. Cost
per person sharing between £22 per night & single occupancy
£31.50 - £35 per night but only limited single rooms available.

Self catering option for a week trip (Saturday to Saturday)
is cheaper at around £65-80 per person for 7 nights depending on time of
year if sharing between 6 people per house.  These have 3 or 4
bedrooms with some double beds and some single beds.  Cost excludes
electricity payable at the end of the stay (meter reading).  These are very
much in
demand and early booking is recommended.  Smaller units which have 2
bedrooms, 2 double beds and 2 singles but maximum 4 people allowed and very
well laid out but a little more expensive at £380 so £95 per person for the

There's also a hostel where you share dormitory style bedrooms and shared
bathroom facilities or 2 hotels (Casey's and The Baltimore Harbour Hotel
with pool/leisure facilities).  Price on application.
Baltimore is renowned for good quality "gourmet" restaurants and in the main
season there are no less than 12 places to eat in the village, including
some of the 4 pubs.  The menus in all the restaurants are varied and cost
between £7 and £21 per person, offering a good choice for all.
Two of the pubs have regular (weekend and midweek) music sessions.  Nearby
activities include:  tennis court, pitch & putt, visits to the islands of
Sherkin, Cape Clear and Heir, walks in the beautiful countryside,
horse-riding, sea-kayaking, sailing, snorkelling,
whale-watching, sea-angling and of course scuba-diving.
Rhib boat diving & costs
1 dive day £15.75 no rental
1 dive day £22.05 including tank/weights/air
1 dive day £37.80 full rental (based on semi-dry) & air
2 dives day £25.20 no rental
2 dives day £34.65 including tank/weights/air
2 dives day £59.85 full rental (based on semi-dry) & air

Hardboat diving (Lochin 40 and Offshore 105) for a minimum of 10 divers per
boat, maximum 12 (more suitable for divers using twin-sets or tech diving).
Surcharge £4.10 per person/day.

If you book only certain spaces then we obviously try to fill the remainder
with other divers booked.

airfills:  10/12 ltr cylinder to 232 bar £2.52
           15 ltr cylinder to 232 bar Euro £3
Guide by instructor or divemaster:  1 dive £18.90 and 2
dives/day £31.50 (subject to availability)
Nitrox also available for evening fill and air-top up at lunch time.
* Guide price for some standard mixes:
28% in 12 ltr cylinder 232 bar £4.13 / 32% £5.26 / 36% £6.62

We need to look at the group's level of experience when selecting dive site
as some require more than elementary qualification level.  For instance the
U260 (36 to 42 mtr) is too deep for Sports Diver / Open Water Diver grade.
The Kowloon requires minimum of Sports Diver/Advanced Open Water Diver and
experience / build up dives (lying between 8 and 36 mtr) and the Fastnet
allows you to pick any depth.  In any one day you can normally only do one
slack dependant dive.  With the rhib - minimum numbers required for further
away sites (Fastnet & U260/KB) = 6-7, other dive sites = 5.

We use both rhibs and hardboats, depending on the group's preference and
numbers plus equipment - see below.  For rhib diving (2 x 8.5 mtr inboard
diesel) - 2 dives/day (suitable for groups of between 5 and 10 divers each
and using single tanks, minimum of 6 in case of U260 and Fastnet because of
distance).  Air and Nitrox up to 300 bar available.  The cost of nitrox
depends on size of cylinder and mix.  Mixes are prepared in the evening for
the morning / 1st dive with air top ups at lunchtime.

Certain dive sites require slack water (Kowloon Bridge, U260, Fastnet,
Stags, Nestorian, Mystique).  Slack is anything between on time and half an
hour later.  Travel
distance/time by hardboat between 20 minutes and 50 mins.  Once you've
decided on a particular week we can look at what slack tides you're getting
to plan an itinerary although this will always still be subject to
wind/weather conditions.

For those in the group who have access to the internet, they may also wish
to look at our WebPages www.aquaventures.ie and in particular the clickable
map with dive sites for a better idea as well as Baltimore's own WebPages
www.baltimore-ireland.com  There are some shore dive sites with shallow
depths but fairly enclosed just a short drive from Baltimore which are ideal
for night diving.    The wreck sites are only accessible by boat and there
are plenty of sites to do a different one every day during the week's trip.
Some excellent scenic dives are available round the Fastnet, Kedge and Stag
Rocks, Cape Clear and Sherkin Island and a brilliant drift dive in the
Gascanane Sound between Sherkin and Cape Clear.

We have offshore islands and pinnacles which provide diving in most weather
conditions.   There is the nature reserve (Lough Hyne - diving permit
obtainable by post in advance f.o.c.) where shore diving is an option in the
deeper section / South Basin near the rapids (high tide slack only and a
long surface swim is involved). We are open year-round but the best diving
months are obviously in the summer (May to September).

The water temperature ranges between 9 and 18 degrees C and average
visibility is 12 mtrs.   It is advisable to take out travel insurance at
time of booking, to include diving activities.

We pride ourselves on our service and professional approach and have a
reputation second to none - with many clubs revisiting after an initial
taste of diving West Cork.  We must, as part of the pre-dive registration
see everyone's logbook/qualification and can then put together a dive
programme for the trip suitable to the level of the group.

In case of bad weather we offer a full refund for dive(s) cancelled by us.
This is more likely to happen in the "off" season.  This is not the case if
an individual decides not to dive (for whatever reason) and prebooked dives
must be paid for in full.

To make a confirmed booking please collect deposits from everyone.  Payment
terms:  25% with booking and the balance 6 weeks prior to the trip.  We can
accept payment by credit card or cheque.
We have availability at this moment and would be delighted to help organise
the trip for you.  Please let me know if you would like further information.
With kind regards.

Aquaventures Dive Centre           O
The Stone House                      O o O
Baltimore                                      O
Co. Cork                                   o  O  o
Ireland                                         o
+ 353 (0)28-20511                        o

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Hear, hear Drift.

Let's all stay in a hotel and Ben can sleep outside. We'll need someone to watch the motors.

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I prefer to think of it as missionary work with the hostile natives.

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Sorry Tim - started enjoying myself there.

Yes I'm interested - what dates were you thinking of?

Both me and Fi would be up for it depending on the time of year. It sounds a good deal - well done on getting the prices together.

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Let us know the rough dates.

Can I just point out that Ben just booked a tasty weeks holiday in Sharm on a liveaboard. Lovely !!!!!!!!!

Ireland and Divesite Z. Could be an interesting summer!

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As for dates I was thinking over the last weekend in May - taking in the seafood festival thing.  It's a Bank Holiday weekend tho which means it will probably book up quick - alternatives are other BH's at the begining of May or Easter.  

I'm now guessing we'll do a long weekend rather then a whole week - gives us more holiday then to do the other trips.

If we get 12 then we can charter the whole boat ourselves and then dictate which sites we do.

So far then thats 3 of us (tentative).

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[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Quote: from Ben on 4:08 pm on Dec. 4, 2002
Can I just point out that Ben just booked a tasty weeks holiday in Sharm on a liveaboard. Lovely !!!!!!!!!
<span =''>

Lucky Ba*t**d!  Still, if I can get my shit together and get a pass out I may very well be doing the same.

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Sorry Tim, Just re read the email properly.

Looks amazing. I hitch hiked around cork, skerrin island, Bantry and Baltimore for a summer a couple of years back. Its an amazing place. We must, must do this. Will need a week and what a week it will be.

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Start begging your missues Tim,

£580 weeks liveaboard all in. Decent boat 3 dives a day and some nightdives. All the classic wrecks n reefs. Jan 5th to 12th. Ian and I both booked in already.

Quality and cheap as pie.

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Possibly but there is no way the missus or I can commit right now....

D'you know you've all missed the idea of taking a minibus over which would save on petrol and sea fares enormously....

PS Sorry you ol' straight lacer Timbo..
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