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Did anyone Manage to

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Hiya folks, Tried and tried but couldn`t reach my knob...........I know Steve W did but did Bren & Dave manage it??

Open question - whats the best way to reach your isolation knob on the manifold??
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[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Tried and tried but couldn`t reach my knob...........
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God I hate it when that happens!
Make sure the cylinders are high enough, and when you reach back, resist the urge to stick your elbow out - keep it as close to your face as possible.
Oh, and don't expect to be able to do it above water, the weight will drag the valves down and out of reach.
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I could only JUST reach my isolation knob, and that was with the belt undone and the whole rig slid up my back... I'm almost positive though that my problem is my drysuit, it's far too tight on me and does not give at all.. I tried on three different suits at Andy Hayhurts later that night and all three gave me masses of flexibility to the point that I could reach right back and touch between my shoulder blades... with my suit on I can hardly reach behind the back of my head....

The word GUTTED could be defined as an understatement.... I love my suit but I'm going to have to sell it and get a bigger drybag or my tech training stops here...

So... one pristine Oceanic Aerdura drysuit for sale, one pissed off owner...
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So are you gonna get something in black Dave?
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Jeez Dave - thats expensive !!

I`ve decided to ignore balance for starters and have raised the set, there`s still a bit of room left yet. When i`m happy I can reach the valves then I`ll shift weight about to regain the balance. looks like I`m in the pool for a bit to sort out.
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Of course it'll be black you muppet, what else?? :biggrin:

Now if I can just convince Diane that DUI is essential for that added safety factor.....
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Wot, no slob knob Davey? :lol2:
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No Drift, he's got one already!
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THe downside of my being able to reach my knobs (oo-er missus) is my sh*** trim ! when I stopped finning I tipped head over! Back to the drawing board on wing config methinks
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Get a lighter back plate and put the weight where it belongs, close to your arse. Or why do you think the people who make integrated jackets, have the pouches in the lover pert and not on the shoulder blades.
Dive safe
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