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You dir'ty ole' man!!!!!
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OK, anyone who "really knows me" will know I am a complete Disco Nut, have been right throughout the 70's and 80's and "ahem" have a great past for memory, say no more!

Anyway, by means of a complete surprise Christmas present my wife bought tickets for us to go to The Best Disco In Town concert in downtown Newscastle Upon Tyne and it was last night. :teeth:

I can tell you it was awesome from start to finish, seeing some fantastic groups, well into their 25/30 years of the business, keeping us in awe and admiration of their great showmanship and songs of course.

We had Odyssey, Three Degrees, George McCrae, The Real Thing, Tavares and Rose Royce and all were fantastic. George McCrae sounded as good last night as he did 30 years ago and so did the rest.

This is Real Disco at its best and they are touring all over the UK right now. So, if your an ageing Disco Dog, but love a great time. Check out if theyre playing near you and Get Down!:cool:

You won't regret it. Party on Dudes.

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