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Hi all, I have been organising boat diving trips out of Brighton Marina, aboard Steves Johnson's brand spanking New Channel Diver (fantasic boat). and have availabilty for the following dates 1stdive wreck 2nd drift or pier
July 4th Ropes off 1230 36M City of Waterford
August 18 Ropes off 1330 30M wreck
September 15 ropes off 0700 28M Fortuna
September 26 ropes off 0930 30M Ariel
October 6 ropes off 0700 33M City of Waterford
October 12 ropes off 1045 38/48 Caleb Sprague (this trip is out of Eastbourne)
October 17 ropes off 0800 26M Ikeda
October 24 ropes off 0830 34M TR Thompson
if you are interested please
email me [email protected]

Cheers Andy:) :redface:

aka Chimp 1 or Mavis...
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