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A buddy of mine has the following gear for sale.  I've just bought the Pro 4 light.  If you are interested in any of this stuff contact Kiril at [email protected]


Dive kit for sale, all in vgc, most of has had
one season's diving, some of it less.


Halcyon "multifunction compensator", consisting of:
- backplate with harness/crotch strap and hardware
- 37lb Pioneer (single tank) wing
- backplate storage pack
- two Octogrip cam bands

stuff separately bought, but also included:
- knife w/sheath
- ali single tank adapter
- moulded lead weight to fit the STA, 3.5kg approx
- extra weight belt clip

300 pounds ono.


Apeks DS4/TX50/TX40 regulator
- DIN fitting
- 7 foot primary hose
- scubapro metal SPG
- all original port plugs

with it:
- DIN to A-CLAMP adapter (not a converter)
- proper hard plastic DIN dust cap
- two boltsnaps

has a wing inflator and a dry suit hose mounted, which
will (obviously) come off, unless bought with that kit

300 pounds ono


Oceanic Flex2000 drysuit, to fit height 1.76m, weight 66kg
(or a bit more, I've lost some weight since :),
- size 9 boots
- latex seals
- rear entry zip
- Halcyon pockets fitted

300 pounds ono


Halcyon Explorer 4 light canister with a new-style 10w HID
light head, few dives, excellent condition, UK charger included
but unmodified

350 pounds ono


other misc stuff:
- small spool with double-ender
- Halcyon reel with tied-on boltsnap
- large red DSMB (modified, unmarked) with bungee and a boltsnap
- small yellow DSMB with a double-ender
- size XL Jet fins with stainless steel straps
- Bowstone 5 pocket pouch weighbelt with total of 12kg lead shot
- Uwatec bottom timer wristmounted
- size M 5mm kevlar scubapro wet gloves
- size M 3mm unbranded wet gloves
- size M/L Body Glove 5mm hood
- wetnotes notebook
- wrist mounted compass
- p.o.s. 200g Uggy Bear undersuit

make me a resonable offer.

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