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Its that time of the year when you look ahead and set plans for the next one.

What are your dive related plans for 2003??

Mine are:

1.  Get used to the twins
2.  Get up to 250 logged dives
3.  Use Nitrox more often
4.  More sea dives & less inland
5.  Some wreck diving around Anglesey
6.  Get to Dive site X
7.  Maldives (Kuredu) in Feb
8.  Fort William/Scottish water dives
9.  Upgrade kit without Mrs Kirky noticing !!!
10. To stay safe !!!

All the best for 2003 to everyone on YD - hope 2003 brings what you want !!


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Totally shameless Andy! Don't need a kit flunky to carry stuff and fill yer tanks do you? Reasonable rates available and I have good tea making references available with YD.....

As for 2003.

1) Get a job that let's me GO diving
2) Get to 150 dives min.
3) Manage to dive with Bren without wanting to hurl
4) Complete (read - actually do) my Adv. 'trox with Andy D. (top bloke, g'on lemme....)
5) Get comfie with mesel' unnerwater
6) Get a wing/bp/harness and re-twin the twins
7) Pass 40m
8) Hodge, Wast, Abbs, Cappie, Fort Bill and Scapa
9) A warm water true diving hol (and that's gonna happen now I'm married....)
10) Get loads more buddies

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Plans for 2003

1, Do my Trimix Course (Booked)
2, Dive the Solset,M2,and The Duke (Possible)
3, Loose my Numptie badge (Unlikley)
4, Lurn to spell (Impossable)
5, Convince my wife to let me go to Truck with Andy (right up there with a second comming of Christ)

Ho Hum.

Mark Chase

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Kirky - do you know what you've started??!

Here goes - in no order of preference.....

1) Get comfy and competent (right - not rushed!) with my new twins and wing rig.
2) Enlist as many of those of you that are up it to join me in doing same.
3) Go on a dive with Drifty where he doesn't hurl.
4) Where possible, help Drifty get back in the water and comfy again - with or without his twins.
5) See Drifty take and pass his Advance Nitrox course.
6) I know we've done a fair bit of diving together the latter half of this year, but I want to revisit all the sites we dived with the same crowd - only bigger.
7) Help in the organisation of and then attend even more YD Troop Gigs with an ever exapnded team of like-minded YD Banterneers. Oh, and meet some of the newer characters that have appeared on here in the last 6 months or so for a wet.
8) Break my St Abbs 'Virgin' status and varily fill my boots on Billy's boat with the troop. We came, we saw, we larged!
9) Strap Davey Willo to the 'Felching Stool' and make him repent of his crimes!!! He knows what I mean, the moral degenerate that he is!
10) See if I can do both Coron and Mozambique as well as Red Sea this year.
11) Quit smoking.
12) Reduce sherry intake.
13) Unless faced with no other option - never use solely a 21% mix ever again.
14) Do more diving in Scotland (pref Oban, Mull and Scapa) and finally enjoy what all my weegie radge ned mates have been honking about all this time.
15) See Drifty do a 'controlled descent' for once.
16) Have more regular team meets (to include the Eccosse contingent) where getting wankered 'just might be on the cards'.....
17) Join Kirky on his wreck sojourn to Anglesey.
18) Try and get out once in a while to join Andy2Tanx on a mid-week dive or three.
19) Get me Deco Procedures course out of the way Andy Hayhurst and Davey Willo.
20) Have a ball doing all the above.

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Aw c'mon guy's, am I the only one who is willing to eat baked beans and humble pie for 18 months to achieve something which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Imagine it, are you sitting comfortably.

You've just arrived, the sounds of the tropics are in your ears, the waves are lapping against the shore. You've unpacked, got your kit sorted and are making your way to the foyer. The dive guide comes in and say's,  "right we have to do a check dive, so a nice simple dropin to the flight deck of the USS Saratoga"

So there you sit, gaseing up at the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the perfectly clear water, on the flight deck, this is the first afternoon.

All it has cost you is £200.00 per month for eighteen months, (there are actually nineteen) and some serious grovelling.

It has to be worth it.

I'm now off to get very drunk indeed.

Have a great evening and happy New Year to all.


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If I had that to burn I'd have a Twinspiration and be diving with Dales, Bren and Willo every day!


3) Can but try - s'all your fault anyhow Mr. 4 parts....
4) Cool, cheers - 'nuff said
5) Yeah, feel a bit bad about that one...... Sorry Dales
6) Line em up!
8) What!!! Somewhere I've dived but you haven't?
15) Not my fault - it was fresh water (2nd only dive in the stuff!)
16) Your on.... Resolve on standby

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F***ing ####, Andy, you buying an Island cool?
What else can you get for £3800?
Can we come when you buy it?
Remember this is YORKSHIRE divers

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This is what I'll be doing.

1, Dive Loch Fyne another 60-70 times.
2, Nip round the corner to Oban another 7 or 8 times.
3, Dive the Clyde wrecks another  10-15 times.
4, Night dive Loch Long another 40-50 times.
5, Nip up the road to Scapa at least once.
6, Try and squeeze in the Moray Firth again.
7, Suppose I might lower myself to the East Coast a few times.
 Just the usual shite then.
 I'll Weegie radge ned mates ye Bren. Shove that In yer pipe and smoke it.
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