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Hey Ben,

Don't tell us you took the A1/A1M to Edin?? NEVER!!! After Newcastle it becomes a single lane goat-track with cameras every 13 yards or so - nightmare!

If you're Rochdale (or thereabouts) way, take the M62 which now becomes the M60 until you get to the M61 (Preston, Bolton etc.). This will take you onto the M6 just south of Blackpool. Stay on M6 - which, by turns, becomes the A74, then M74 before you reach the M8 just before Glasgow and then stay on there until Edin. Nae cameras and the ability to over-take without reaching for a 9mm to take-out the 'Sunday-Muppets' that get in your way. 90 all the way and job's a good-un.
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