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Dive Skins

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Heading to Bali in 6 weeks, will do a few dives - so wetsuit or dive skins, it will be all non-deco Anyone know a cheap brand/source of dive skins? I'll likely be doing very little tropical diving in future, maybe 3 or 4 days every couple of years, so I'm not bothered about spending a fortune.
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I have just come back from Bali. I was using an Oceanic skin and a 2mm shorty.
The water was normally 30 degrees but on most dives you could get an upwelling of really cold water (22 degree).
The diving is awesome and I am sure you will love it.
ND do one for about £50.

Saw a 1/2 mm wet suit in one of the mags last week which would be a good option. I use the ND one and it was great in Bali when I was there.
I was in Bali in July 2 years ago and water temps were 25-28 C most of the time but several sites had cold current upwellings with temps down to 19 C.

The Mola Molas and Mantas were following these cold currents to cleaner stations so had to put up with the cold to see them.

Cheers, John
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