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<font color='#000080'>Hey Fluice,

I can't make this but I would recomend it to anyone reading this. Gordon is a real gentle giant and a great skipper. Stein where the place is is a lovely site right by the water, 100 yards from the pub and resturant and if you want more privacy there is a Bed only place down next to the pub. Gordons accomodation is great with a living room with a small bedroom off to the side sleeps two. A large room upatairs sleeping six and a smaller bedroom upsatirs also sleeping two in a double. The kitchen is first rate and has oven, elec hob, fridge, freezer, microwave, and all the plates etc & cuttlery you'll need. There is a large drying room and cold shower for kit washing and drying next to the compressor room. We couldn't here the compressor when we were there and its in the same building! The living room has a great coal fire which really gives it a warm homely feeling when lit. Also of interest to us was gordons collection of Diver mags, some dating from the late b70's and early 80's. Funny to see their vision of 21st century diving, but little has changed except for the almost complete abandonment of the ABLJ. The sites are great too. You'll struggle to see much fish but there is an abundance of shellfish and other soft sea life. The vis on our dives stretched from 8m+ to 15m+ on the first dive off Lampay Island whith its long reef and shellfish and sandy bottom. Similar to the Med when the Sun shone.

This is a first rate place and we're already planning on returning in the new year.

Dave C


I forgot to mention that the Pub does not do food on Monday nights in the low season, so bring your own for that evening. It is open for drinks though  
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