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My Nark is much worse that my Bite!
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thanks for all the welcome messages guys.....most appreciated
. Did'nt make the wreck dive today, last minute change.  Dived a site known as the 'cathedrel', dropped down the anchor line on too a reaf at 12 metres, then off the edge down to 30....temp was 20 c. and Tim is right, not too much in the way wildlife, but the landscape is awesome. Entered a small narrow cave ( single file ) about 20 metres in, and the way out is by going straight up, abit like Santa climbing up a chimney. Not a great deal to tell, cos at the moment I'm sucking the life out of a 12ltr dumpy in 30 min's ( Although I did get an extra 6 mins on my last dive )  Take care guys.....speak soon.....
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