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Been ages since I posted here but need to give people a heads up on these people, so you can make an informed decision to actively avoid them.

Now i own two of these and things seems all good until one went wrong during a recent trip overseas,
One of the computers which i checked was working before the trip
on replacing the battery on the said computer display came up like this

Font Display device Technology Electric blue Multimedia

I get it things go wrong and I am happy to send it back for repair this is where it starts going wrong
I raised a ticket with them 12th May since that date no one has even looked at the ticket
I've even emailed them 4 times and again no reply!

Am I shocked at this, no not at all i know many people that have had problems with other arms of this company "Light for Me" and their shocking support
Also, i discovered that they are now charging a lot money to upgrade the firmware!

Just take this into consideration when thinking about spending your money with these guys
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