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Just trying to make sense of the info on the Divedorset website :)

One page says gas is available from 30 mins before the first shuttle boat until the departure of the last shuttle; another page refers to the self-service panel:

"This means that you will now be able to get an air fill at the Breakwater diving Centre from 7.30 am to 10.00 pm seven days a week!"

So - which is it? And how do you pay for the self-service (bags of £ coins??)

I'm sure someone on here knows :)

both, kind of

they have an inside fill station, as per the "half hour before until last boat departure" times

the self service panel is part external, as the opening times, you need to buy an "electronic key" from reception where you put credit on it and the self service panel deducts an amount of credit depending how much air you've had

at least thats how I remember it

PM "Skippper" on here, hes onsite

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The self fill panel is Air only, 232bar max. Open from 7am to 10pm.
You get an electronic key and training from reception and then pay for credit on the key. The cost is simple.... a empty 12 litre will cost you the same as filling in the gas station.

The benefits are ;
1) Opening hours
2) Part fills and small cylinders are much cheaper as the cost is based on the amount of air that you put in the cylinder - a argon bottle costs about 60p from memory.

And yes, the opening hours for the gas station are;

The gas station will open 30 minutes before the departure of the first Dive Dorset boat, and close after the departure of the last boat of the day but will not open before 7am so please make sure you arrive with full cylinders for very early dives or get here the night before and get them filled.

Saturday - usually 0800 - 1600
Sunday - usually 0800 - 1530
Contact us if you want fills outside these hour, or if you are diving with another boat but filling at Dive Dorset - make sure your skipper talks to us, we are happy to accomodate your needs but we need to know what they are and have a bit of notice to ensure that trained staff are on site if you need fills outside normal shop opening times.

Hope this helps

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The self fill is excellent if you just want a top up, unless you lose your key as i appear to have done at the moment :(
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