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Steve Owens from the BSAC forum posted this - and I tend to agree that it's a good idea to address this issue; afterall if the sartorially challenged (Lyle & Scott - P-L-E-A-S-E !!) brigade of golfers get smiled upon when travelling, then so should we - afterall, the kit we carry saves our life, when can you ever say that about a '3 wood'?


"Dear all,

Please take a look at and complete the divers petition on the Scuba Industries Trade Association (SITA) site. It can be found at:


It is the first real attempt, to my knowledge, to get the airlines to allow a increased luggage allowance for divers as standard.

Please complete it send it to friends, family and anyone else you know. Personally I have always been prepared to negotiate additional allowance and pay for it but the last couple of trips I have found the airlines to be completely inflexible.

Golfers get it, skiers get it, I have even seen windsurfers get it! So fingers crossed. "
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