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Divers in the Exeter area...

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It would appear that there are alot of divers in and close to Exeter that post on here and else where, in to the hundreds even. Soooooo, any one fancy meeting up some where for a BYO BBQ/beer/cider and having a bit of a jolly. Could do it on the green/beach in Exmouth (depending on weather) as its the closest nice beach, or some where on the river? Any other ideas? Just an idea if enough people fancy it...was thinking mid week early June.
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if I can arrange work around it then im in
Cool, I'll try and find a nice location unless any one has any ideas. A mate was talking about some where plesent along the river, i'll find out quite where it is. I tried having a BBQ last year on the beach. The wind blew sand into and onto all the food, then the tide came in. As soon as it hit the weed all the flies took off and joined us. Next was the water chasing us away from our food.....ever tried to pick up a disposible BBQ once lit. Don't! So beach might not be best. Will post it all up later with a date, just need to bully a few more along!

id be up for that.
And me 2,
Sadly it is a long way to travel from the Maldives Oh decisions decisions. Do i go on holliday for three weeks or come back mid holls for your BBQ?
I will have to think about it. :D
Might be able to add some numbers to the Plymouth raiding party!

Sounds good.
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