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I went DIR... but my bungies pulled me back!
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I had similar surgery on my Knee in June.  My consultant advised me not to do too much until after 3 - 4 weeks.  His advice was more concerned with the surgery and stress on the wound.  He never once mentioned any residual problem with the anaesthetic.  I was allowed to drive after two weeks so cant see any problem with it.

However there are concerns about diving when still recovering.  The scar tissue and swolen areas around the wounds will have altered blood flow, these areas could on and off gas at unexpected rates.   Scar tissue has a low blood flow and would have a very long off gassing time.  Not necessarially something to get over worried about but I would stick well inside the limits for the next few weeks until everything has settled down.

If your interested I was diving 5 weeks after my op with no problems.

Good luck and enjoy your break.
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