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<font color='#0000FF'>Hello all

My buddy and i are thinking of doing a shore dive from Flamborough head.  Anyone ever done it and got some advice for us?

Anyone welcome to join us also.

Mark W
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Hi Balders,
I live less than 10 miles from there, so I've dived it a few times.

There's three places to dive there, really.

First is the lighthouse. If you park by the lighthouse, there is a bay to the left of the lighthouse (looking out to sea) which you get to by going down a long steep path onto a shingle beach. The depth is about 4 to 5m average, but dependent on the recent weather, the viz is usually OK due to it all being chalk there.

The other way in is down towards the Fog-horn and across the field and down a path cut into the edge of the cliff and onto the tiny beach which is next to the arch. Note - this path generally disappears each year due to landslide, so it may not be there. I've been Freediving / Snorkelling around there and usually get in at that small beach, and work my way left round the headland and get out on the big beach. (the one I described first). The depth varies from 5m to 10m round there, and usually the viz is pretty good (3 to 5m or so) although the swell can sometimes be a bit sickly.

The next place is North Landing. This is pretty good although again you have to be aware of the recent weather. If it's rained within the last 2 to 3 days it's usually shocking because of the runoff. (so this weekend would prolly be shite, for example). You can park in the car park there and it's a long walk down. Sometimes you can take your car down to the top of the slipway and drop the kit off there, then put the car back into the carpark, although if the fishermen are around they tend to get a big narky.

Finally is thornwick bay. This is a couple of bays round from North Landing and you pay to park all day to the nice chap in the booth on the access road.
The access here is quite difficult, and can sometimes be treacherous, but quite a few divers go in here as it's actually cheaper than North Landing (which is pay and display) and it's generally a better dive.

Don't bother with South Landing. The viz is usually chicken soup, and I can walk out pretty much out to level with the headland before it goes above my head.

I generally dive it in an evening in the summer when it's quiet, or on a Saturday. Give me a shout if you want a guide!

Best when wind's low or from the southwest because it's coming off the land for North Landing, and from the West when you're wanting to dive the Lighthouse.

Also make sure it hasn't rained for a few days beforehand or there hasn't been any heavy winds because the swell picks up all the shite!


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