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Diving Books

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For sale.

All near-perfect condition except where noted, delivery costs vary (see individual books - though multiple books will be cheaper to post if you want more than one).

"Dive Scapa Flow, Third Edition" (ISBN 1-85158-983-X) Hardback £5 + £2.75 postage

"The Bull & The Barriers, The Wrecks of Scapa Flow" by Lawson Wood (ISBN 0-7524-1753-3) £7.50 + £1.50 postage

"Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea" by Ned Middleton. Signed "To David ..." by the author, the (removable) jacket is slightly crumpled at the corners, otherwise perfect condition. Hardback £17.50 + £4.50 postage - Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea: Amazon.co.uk: Ned Middleton: Books

"Dive the North East Coast" by Peter Collings (ISBN 0-9511681-3-4). ~1inch rip in the back cover, slightly bashed around the edges, but otherwise very good condition. £10 + £2.75 postage

"The Diver's Handbook" by Alan Mountain (ISBN 1-85974-253-X) £7.50 + £3.50 postage

"The Diving Manual" (BSAC) (ISBN 0-9538919-2-5) £5 + £1.50 postage

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