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No, not diving hazards or that diving is hazardous but a dive on a 54 gun fouth rate ship of the line, HMS Hazardous sitting in 6 mtrs or so of water in Bracklesham Bay. The plan to dive this wreck started last year when my wife booked the dive with "wittering divers" as a birthday surprise. It was the chance to dive a protected wreck and an ongoing archeological dig, unfortunately at the time the dive was called off due to the weather but I had requested my name be kept on the books. Now, almost a year on I had decided to try and make this a club dive but as I belong to a "non diving, diving club:angry: " I only had three takers

Anyway, the next dive was booked for Sunday 10th June, so after a lot of weather watching and crossed fingers was told on Saturday afternoon that the dive was on. So, on a sunny sunday morning at 06:00 o'clock three of us met up to make our way down to west sussex (one guy had dropped out without the curtey of letting me know) and off we went.

Once at wittering divers HQ things kicked off at 09:15 with a lecture from site Licensee Iain Grant. Iain has worked on the wreck for over 20 years and for the next hour or so with the help of slides proceded to tell the story of the Hazardous, it's capture from the French and it's subsequent wrecking in Nov 1706 whilst on convoy duty. Also Iain described the archeololgical work that has been carried outover the last 20 years or so and how hard it has been to get funding.

After Iains talk, Tony Dobinson from Wittering divers took up the rein and proceded to describe the marine life to be found on the wreck site, once again with the help of slides. Tony proved to be a great guy with a wonderful sense of humour. Once Tony's talk was over then it was a quick car trip to the small museam that housed the various artifacts found on the site including coins, pewter items, pulley blocks, cannon balls and other items.

After a quick look around we decided to make our way to Bracklesham bay to grab some lunch and kit up, all the time the sun was shining and the weather was warm (bear this in mind because what was to occur would be unreal). So it was onto Bracklesham bay and the next part of the report:thumbsup:
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