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If you're near Hersonissos (East of Heraklion) - DO NOT got to Creta Maris Divers - worst experience of shoddy equipment and staff we've had. Try Pavlos (or Paul) who's just west of Agios Nikalaos (nice town - I think his e-mail address is [email protected]). Top bloke - good, safe diving, with Nitrox available.  Just follow the coast road west from the town, and it's a couple of bays along. He sometimes advertises in one of the dive mags - you might find a better entry in there, with address and useful info.  There's also a couple of dive centres on the seafront in Agios Nikalaos - one at least uses the "bottomless" lake in the town for training - but given the option, I'd plump for Paul - it just depends what type of diving you're after.
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