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Diving in Cyprus

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21st April managed to get to Cyprus for an extra long weekend. Flew to Paphos with Easyjet, immediately after the no fly was lifted – no issues at all. Airport was like a ghost town. Only complaint with Easyjet is the very limited sports allowance, nearly next to useless.

Stayed in the San Remo (Larnaca Hotel , Hotel in Cyprus, Accommodation in Cyprus, San Remo Hotel in Larnaca) in Larnaca. Two star hotel at 40 Euros a night for a double. Good size room, with a balcony. Room was ok, nothing special. Breakfast not great, and the same everyday. Hotel is located 5 minutes from dive centre, and about 15 minutes from the main strip.

Was diving with Dive In (Diving in Cyprus - Scuba Diving and Diver Training Dive In - scuba diving cyprus | scuba diving in cyprus | scuba driver training cyprus | deep sea diving) who I've used before. Great little company. Do everything from single tank dives to doubles, and rebreathers. A comprehensive facility we O2, Helium and Sofnolime available. I also can't say how friendly and helpful everybody was, top marks to Sheri and Chris.

Day 1 and we were on what I call the cattle truck. A large caterman that used to be used by the London Fire Brigade. In peak season can have 60 plus divers on it! Thankfully today it was rather empty. The diving today was nothing too challenging, first dives back for me after I damaged my arm. Single tank dives lasting around 45 minutes.

This is now around the mid-teens that I have dived the Zenobia. Yes a great wreck. Still seeing new things, new places. Still quiet an amazing wreck.

Water temperature was about 18 C, visabillity about 20 Meters.

Day two was where Dive In's location pays off. They are 5 minutes walk to a slip. Usually they use a rib, but today we were using a hard boat. A short ride out and your on the Zenobia.

Both days were fun, the diving was great. Nice to be back on the Zen.
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Was just about to start a thread on whether to go to Turkey or Cyprus and you have made my mind up.
Thank you, looks like Cyprus here I come for a wee holiday in Aug.
I've used Dive In Larnaca myself a couple of times. I can't praise Chris and Sheri too much myself, plus Kelvyn is just so laid back it's a pleasure to dive with these guys.
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