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Diving in Guernsey?

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Planning a family holiday to Guernsey this Summer and I'm hoping to be able to fit in a few crafty dives. Had a quick scan on the net and can't find much info in the way of boat operators/dive firms etc. Has anyone experienced diving there or from Sark? Are there operators who would take me out or will I have to plan it myself and go it alone? Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.
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We've sailed to guernsey and the channel island a few times. If you are a BSAC member I there is definitely a club over there. The place I have seen is this one in the centre of St Peter Port. Sark is pretty small. I know the diving is good round there but not sure it is big enough to have a dive shop.
Let me know if you get any useful information as we are probably heading that way this summer too and a dive would be lovely.
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Beware! The hate party are sending vast quantitys of marmite there so the viz will be crap. :D
Mmmm...marmite - said it before and ill say it again, send it over, i'll have it!

Have PM'd Scubahoop about Guernsey diving. Can do the same if you have any questions Mrs Calamity?

In short, local club is a BSAC one. Blue Dolphins SAC (link in my sig)

Two shops by the name of Dive Guernsey and Sarnia Skin Divers, not much info on teh web for them though.

There is a local commercial operation called Donkey Divers that may also be able to help, don;t know too much about them tho.

Diving is good and varied, vis is good and plenty to see at most depths down to 50+ meters. Sark is also nice. Google Guillot Caves or Jewel Caves Sark. Haven't been there yet myself but supposed to be pretty special
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Dammyla - I would appreciate details of any info you have on Guensey, I travel there in 2 weeks (17th - 24th July). I have been searching around myself and not found much. Donkey Divers seems to be a one-man training outfit. I have seen the place at St Peter Port, but there is little info on the web, but it is a start.

Scubahoop - If you have been, would be good to hear what you found. If you have not been yet, I will post how I went on. Suspect I will only get 2 or 3 dives in.

ps Was at the Farnes last Mon & Tues (Sovereign) - best dives there yet. The seals were fantastic mouthing my gloves and arm, coming nose to nose and being really playful and all right along side. Also had some excellent general dives with lots of marine life and ex vis :)

Generally diving over here is organised in small groups of friends or via the local dive club. There isn't really a regular hardboat that goes out for one off divers, although some guys will charter their boat for a day or longer if a group is interested.

I dive with a few mates who have boats but mainly with the local club. There is a link to the website in my signature.

The club goes out every weekend at least and after work in the week if people want to. When there have been visiting divers, if enough people are not at work then weekdays are also an option.

We actually launched our new 7M rib on saturday and i have to say, it's very shiny!

The club meets and organises dives in a local pub every wednesday but if this isn't convenient, PM me closer the day and i can fill you in on what is going on when you are over and meet up to get you out for a bimble. Don;t leave it too late though as i don't check the site every day

Visiting divers have to obtain temporary club membership (£10 for a week i think) to dive from the club boat and must also have their own third party insurance, or be a member of BSAC. Naturally, the DO would also want to see evidence of some form of diving cert and depending on your level, may ask for a quick check out dive as well. Usual BSAC club stuff really.

We can't lend/rent out kit as a club but if you need anything incl tanks and fills, the two local shops can help you out. Sarnia Skin Divers (01481 722884) and Dive Guernsey (01481 714525)

There is a reasonable amount of shore diving on island as well but you have to get the tide right as the 10M max range can affect things quite alot.

Hope that helps
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Thanks for the repy Dammyla. I was debating whether to drive or fly (& hire a car), but opted for flying and the hire car as I would have a 4 - 5hr drive to get to the ferry. I will be travelling relatively light so I would have been reliant on kit rental. Seems like I will have to make do with some snorkelling.

Thanks anyway.
Thanks for the repy Dammyla. I was debating whether to drive or fly (& hire a car), but opted for flying and the hire car as I would have a 4 - 5hr drive to get to the ferry. I will be travelling relatively light so I would have been reliant on kit rental. Seems like I will have to make do with some snorkelling.

Thanks anyway.
Not a problem. Kit over here can be a bit of an issue

Having never rented it i don;t know prices but you can definitely get a full set from the two shops if you wanted to. Give them a call and IMO, they are generally very helpful
We've just got back from guernsey. We didn't manage to get wet despite Dammyla' assistance (actually it was too darn hot to lug cylinders around!). However we thoroughly enjoyed the shipwreck museum which is over on the west coast if you are into your spidge. There is also a good aquarium in one of the tunnels under the cliffs at St Peter Port.
Dammyla I am coming over to visit on the 25th Aug for a week. Wondered if there was any chance any-one was diving that weekend (bank hols).Partners Daughter lives in St PetersPort ,so have been over a few times but never dived.I am PADi open water cert. but have just on 30 dives since then.My bro is bsac member, I am still a guest, with the Southwold club Bristol.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Hi there

Yes, always a dive to be had over here especially over the bank holiday

I would suggest you come along to the club night on the wednesday you arrive. It is held about 9pm in a pub called the Houmet Tavern on the West coast of the island. You partner's daughter will know it and it is dead easy to find if you just follow the coast road. We tend to accumulate by the bar in teh lounge bar (oh er, dead posh!)

They do good food to so you could go earlier and get a meal

I may not be there myself but our club website will tell you who you can speak to. Diving officer, Chairman and/or boat officer are the three best bets IMO. You can also hire kit from Sarnia Skin Divers or Dive Guernsey whilst here (see post above)

Hope that helps!
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Will be there on the Wednesday evening. Thanks again
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