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If Mr Ronnie Fitzgibbon had re-written the rules it would obviously be to suit himself and not to benefit any of his divers, bit like him saying some of our group couldn`t dive with nitrox because he couldn`t find his o2 analiser, towards the end of the week guess what , one of our guys found it but couldn`t be bothered to argue with him as he obviously didn`t want to spend time filling tanks with anything other than air.

Just like him saying that he would arrange a local house for my family to stay in, I suppose 15 miles away over the conner pass in Dingle could be discribed as local.

Now this is not just for a few of us our party consisted of 30 divers and 23 non divers, we filled his accomodation and some other houses. Thats 53 people who now beleive that irish hospitality does not exist in certain parts of the Dingle peninsular.

Rant over, what a lovely day its been today, even begining to look forward to Stoney Bl**dy C tomorrow.
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