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Diving in Sweden?

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Hi, I am heading to Sweden for a wedding in August, and thought I might get a day or two diving near Stockholm..

Does anyone have any advice? been diving there before?

Any advice appreciated..

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Depends on where you're going I guess.

If you have a couple of days, grab a ferry over to aland (Åland diving). The wrecks are amazing there, good dive centre, boat and gas/cylinder facilities.

If you have to stay local to stockholm, speak to the guys at oceanictech.se.

oh and welcome to being a dick! (dykk=dive in swedish)
I've never been diving in Stockholm but I have heard great things about the Baltic, in particular the wrecks. The woodworms that usually decompose wrecks don't survive as well in the brackish waters there and the low oxygen levels means they're supposed to be incredibly well preserved.

Oh, and there's only one 'k' in Dyk.

I am flying in and out of Arlanda (stockholm main Airport), so will be able to dive late friday, and saturday.. leaving 24hours before my flight sunday night... So a 1 1/2 day trip... Aland looks great.. but maybe not enough time...
I've been to the Vasa museum before.. and it is still the best museum.. and the one MUST see in Stockholm.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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