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A mate of mine did a job in a huge vat of milk(I appre ciate it's not wine but it sure as #### is'nt water!)
It was cheaper for the dairy to pay for a comm.diver(sterilised gear(?),full hat etc)than it was to empty the vat for repair.The vis was nil,altough that's not generally a prob as commies often work in nil vis.The milk had no detrimental effect on the reg.(very old basic 2nd stages on a KBY)etc.He stunk a bit mind.A short term exposure should do the kit no harm,clean it thourghly before and after though.If I were to do it.I'd use an older type basic reg,not a new high performance type thing with knobs on etc.(less tempramental in poor conditions).
I've got to say that I would'nt advise you to do any work yourself,you're doing someone out of a job!More importantly you can get very wrapped up in what you're doing and it can be very diffeent doing a job of work in nil vis than just blowing bubbles in it.Legally you should be ok,I'm not sure,but it's illegal to undertake any work in the UK without an HSE ticket,even then SCUBA's limited to inspection work(with some dispensations).I'd think about whether your insurance would actually cover you too.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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