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Guys this is a trimmed down version of an incident that happened abroad today:-,

Paul please do what you can to
ensure the message hits home re diving and

       A Dive of 38mins duration ended abruptly today
when an inexperienced diver shot to the surface from
22m after seperating from his buddy. He was "dead" by
the time he reached the boat but was revived by those

(it looks like the both ran out of air & panicked, but
thats a seperate issue....)

       He was evacuated by Sea to Hospital for xrays
etc. His lungs were full of fluid & he had a Cerebrial
Arterial Gas Embolism (CAGE,Bubble on Brain).

       We consulted our top experts worldwide and put
him in the pot for a standard 5hr tx (DR inside with
enough drugs to keep him comatose). You can imagine
the state of him,fluid everywhere & not so great for
the 2x staff in the pot,indeed they had to make an
improvised suction device to clear his airway using a
plastic bottle,syringe & bit of 02 hose!

Re Insurance, He HASN"T GOT ANY!! He'll almost
certainly be moved at some stage & the Bill will
contain loads of 000's

       This is my worst case to date. Please pass it
on & ensure your club take it seriously:)

Whilst wishing this diver a full recovery, anyone diving abroad without suitable cover is just asking for trouble. We as a club use Divemaster as we get a good group rate (I beleve).

Dive Safe

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