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Alister, has kindly put together and grabbed a boat for the lovely time of Easter, when I for one get time off work!!

Theres still a few spaces left upon the hard boat thats sailing from and around the fairly less dived areas south of oban. Now Im not an expert and I dont have all the facts to hand, but. If anyone is interested and up for diving some great islands, reefs and wrecks south of Oban this Easter, can you give me an email.
[email protected]

Theres still a couple of places left, but there filling fast due to the fact that everywhere is booked up that weekend.  Most of the people are coming up from Yorkshire (god help us!), plus Gav from Scotland and Ian from Derbyshire)

The price is about £30 per day diving. 2 days diving plus possible shore dives. Accomodation being priced at moment.

Sorry for the lack of details but I have lost the print out of the email I was sent!! Will post dive boat links and other details at the weekend. Or tomorrow if you email me.

Like I said there are only a couple of places left and its going on a first come first served basis. Promises to be amazing if last weekends Oban trip is anything to go by! For those who have to work in crummy jobs like me. Its an easy four day weekend thats only an hour from Glasgow. Which is only 3 hours from Manchester - unless you drive like a grand ma!

Anyway. If anyone is interested, Give us a post or preferably an email..


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Hi Ben, what boat are you on? I am out off Oban that weekend and we may meet up.
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