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But seriously, went for a dive with DougParker on Saturday morning - most excellent!  I did get lost and almost missed the dive, but luckily found him in time to get kitted up, in the water and out before the current picked up.  It was a cracking dive - walked in off some steps at one end of Firestone Bay (at Devil's Point if anyone knows it) and when we dropped down below the surface, the first thing I saw was a cuttlefish - he didn't hang around for long but it's always amazing to see them so close.  Doug pointed out some sea slugs, and we saw a couple of bass swim by - didn't even know what they were until we got out half hour later.  Can highly recommend Doug as a dive guide, and would like to take this opportunity to thank Doug for taking time out to hook up with me for a dive.
See you at the Dive Show Doug, if not before.
Regards, and dive safe (oh! and good luck with the PFO op)
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