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Dived on Saturday came home
Call from my buddy later that evening"Do you fancy a Dive tomorrow?" "Yes" says I.
Get up, Chuck gear into car, It'll be ok won't it i only used it yesterday..........
Drive to Buddies house drink coffee load his gear in. Laugh and generally take the piss out of absent friends and their numpty ways.(Oh how i would regret laughing at others misfortunes,My mum used to tell me off for it too.)
Drive about an hour to the Dive site namely some silt laden duck pond with some junk thrown in.
Drink more Coffee,use the loo, shoot the shit with the site owner. Rig up wing, cylinder, regs etc
Hood, Gloves, Suit, Boots..........BOOTS!!!!!!!!! Where the f**k are my Boots??????
Tear apart all my bags turn the car inside out. No luck, No Boots. Buddy has no spares and in any case he's in a dry suit and even if he did have spares he only has size 7 feet as opposed to my size 11's
Call home to Mrs Daz maybe theres a secret hiding place in the car where my boots like to go.
Me " Hello, it's me. You don't happen to know where my Diving Boots are do you?"

Mrs Daz " Yes"

Me "Great......."

Mrs Daz " They were wet when you came home yesterday so i put them under the radiator to dry."

Me " and i take it they are still there?"

Mrs Daz " Yes"

Me "Oh i hope they're dry!!!!!! Thanks see you later."

Call ends, Umm i could manage without a hood, i could manage without gloves but i can't manage without Boots, i'm not Diving barefoot for anyone.
Buddy and i chuck gear into the car drive 30Mins to LDS where i buy my 4th pair of wetboots( 1 pair drying!! 2 pairs in the spares box all 45 miles away at my house) at a cost of £30.
Return to Dive site kit up and eventually get in. I ask you £30 boots, £10 site fee, £4 air fill. £6 Bridge tolls, £20 ish petrol, £10 tea and tiffin
So £80 to Dive a silt pit but looking on the bright side i now have 4 pairs of boots so i will have a choice of colours and styles to suit my mood and i saw a sunken jet ski..........
Thinking on i paid less than that for two dives on the "Thistlegorm":frown:

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Same reason i got 2 x pair fins, 3 x hoods, 3x gloves need i say any more????

New Member ? Its the same one i've always had
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Doesn't matter how many you got, As a Sea Survival instructor once told me, " If you ain't got it on you, you ain't got it!" :)
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