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Well after diving for lots of years around Cornwall and my 1st open water at Stoney Cove, I moved to North Wales a couple of years ago. I had heard about Dorothea all those years ago when I started and when I moved here it was one the must do that list.
Well today I did it and it was bloody marvelous.
Having got there with my buddy who had also never ''done dotty'' we were both a little apprehensive because of the incidents over the years. Caused by any number of factors, but we did not want to be in the local paper :)
We met a group who were going in on re-breathers and gave us some tips, they then suggested we should join them.
We readily agreed, however one of the guys (Grahame) suggested he should guide us on his own and leave the rest to their own devices.
No problem we said it was then that he explained he is blind, yup BLIND!! but that he could lead us around no problem as he has the ability to see the difference between light and dark.
He was true to his word he led us around and got us back to where we entered exactly.
He is amazing!
I know how blind he is as he had to wave his hand around to find the rock to sit on to de-kit when he came out and he didn't take his dog either.
Altogether a really wonderful dive and an amazing experience diving with someone who is a far better diver than myself, but has what I would consider a disability that would most likely stop me!
I don't believe Grahame is a member of YD, but I thought I would post this as it proves that you can do just about anything with enough determination!

I am going to post this in the disabled section too.

Never enough time!!!!
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I used to go to Dorothea a lot in the late 80's/early 90's but not been back for probably 20 years now. It's a great site and I have very vivid memories of my 1st winter dives there and sitting below the surface watching the snow landing above us and thinking how cold getting changed was going to be - was in a semi dry at the time! Did my 1st dry suit dives in there when the sea around Anglesey was pretty rough.
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