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Quick report on todays dive.

Having had a tow hook put on my car this morning i towed our large Rhib down to very sunny Dover, to be greated by the Reciever of Wrecks, standing on a Coastguard boat just off the slipway.

After a conversation with several old sea salt wreckers, we got on with the days diving, although i saw a few crowbars going back into cars.

We went out to what is a fairly shallow wreck for Dover the Leicester, a stores ship that broke in half and sunk after hitting a mine in 1916. She is quite proud (7m) on a gritty sea bed at 30m.

We got on site to find 2 other Dive boats there, but they did the stern while we did the bow. Dropped the shot in but missed it twice so i went in with one of our Trainee Dive Leaders to do the shot recovery as the final part of her open water lesson 4, whilst i did the Dive Leader demo in OW lesson 2.

Going down the shot i nearly forgot to demonstrate as i had 8-10m Vis and went into freefall mode. Landed on an empty seabed, but a few fish soon came over indicating the wreck was close. Having been quite sure the shot was to the East of the wreck, we swam of on a West bearing. Within a couple of m there was the wreck in front of us.

We then went into a lift and shift practice session, attaching  lifting bag and making the anchor neutral, then swam it over to the wreck. Tieing off the shot line and sending the anchor back up we got on with the dive.

To quote my buddy "Wow it was like an aquarium or sealife world". So much sea life and a good 8m of vis, we had a very good 35min dive with a max depth of 30m and got back aboard the Rhib so the surface cover could have their dive.

On return to the slip we had Springs LW and my Mondeo did not like trying to drag the boat up the moss covered slip, but we got it out eventually.

What a top dive - and tomorrow what shall we dive?  

Safe Diving all

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