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I can't say I'm any sort of an expert on Rays (used to dive an Atlantis) but it's fair to say you've been doing your homework re:flow rates and PO2s.  I can only reiterate Anglesey's advice.  Don't go pushing too hard. I'd personally want a good few more hours on the unit before I started pushing the percentages.  I and most of the CCR/SCR guys I know spent most of the first year after getting the card mucking about at 20-30m, just cos the bouyancy characteristics of an RB can catch you out if you're not totally on top of it
Also if you're pushing 40m, think about your bailout.  Get water into the loop on the Ray and you're bollocksed unless you've got enough OC on board to handle all your ascent/deco.  
Drager kit always struck me as lovely for the mid-range stuff cos it's SO light and there's a lot less setting up req'd than on CCR.  However, there are paradoxically less get-outs if it all goes wrong than on CCR so treat the thing with respect and let us know how you get on mate.
Have you tried the Drager lists?

PS 1.5l for deco is WAAAYYY too little.  3l absolute minimum
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